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Updated: Apr 23

What to bring to your Women's Health Yoga Retreat in Croatia this May 2023

What to pack for the ultimate women's retreat? You'll be enjoying daily yoga classes, guided meditation, women's health chats, and nutritious meals freshly prepared by our private, on-site chef.

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Let the preparations begin!

By now you've booked your spot at your first Yoga with Natalie Women's Health Yoga Retreat in Croatia this May. You've arranged transportation to Split and now you're probably wondering what to bring.

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First up:

1. Yoga mat and yoga clothes

Pack your yoga clothes, and your yoga mat. Travel yoga mats are much lighter like this Travel Yoga Mat by Decathlon

The Decathlon Travel Yoga Mat is an environmentally friendly, natural rubber mat, it folds up to fit in your suitcase

Decathlon Travel Yoga mat 1.5mm. Photograph courtesy of Decathlon

But bear in mind the Decathlon Yoga Travel Mat is thin at just 1.5mm, a good option with a little more thickness is the Manduka Pro Travel Yoga Mat which is 2.5mm

A thicker alternative is the Manduka Pro Travel Yoga Mat 2.5mm

(Don't fancy either? Other travel yoga mats are available, try your local sports store or Amazon)

Manduka Pro Travel Yoga Mat 2.5mm courtesy of

2. Loose, comfortable clothing, and warm layers for the evening

In Croatia the average temperature range in May is 20 - 25 degrees with 8.8 hours of sunshine per day.

This women's only retreat is all about relaxing, and as you'll probably agree, being comfortable is key for ultimate relaxation.

Make sure to bring warm layers for the evening.

Although there are few days rain on average in May, best to pack a raincoat, just in case.

Keep in mind, that you know your body better than anyone, if you normally feel the cold, bring extra layers

3. Reusable water bottle

Split has some of the best drinking water in the whole of Croatia, and as you will have access to a shared kitchen, we encourage an eco-friendly approach to hydration. Besides the green factor, you may find it handy to have your own water bottle, especially for yoga class, around the pool and down at the beach.

There is a large range of reusable water bottles on just make sure it is empty when you go through airport security.

Hunu Collapsible Silicone Cup from

4. Travel mug

If you drink tea or coffee, we ask you kindly to bring your own reusable mug, as this helps to reduce the energy consumption used to power the dishwasher and is therefore kinder to the environment.

You can find travel mugs in most supermarkets and department stores, plus a large range on including this fantastic 12Oz Hunu Collapsible Silicone Cup lightweight and perfect for traveling.

5. Mosquito spray (just in case)

I personally use a solution of tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle to keep mosquitos at bay

This 100ml travel spray bottle from Boots is lightweight, reusable, and is a great option if you are traveling with only hand luggage.

Pair that with a 10ml bottle of pure essential tea tree oil, most likely available from your local pharmacist or click here to view at Boots.

6. Don't forget your travel toiletries

As we get to know each other you will come to realise, that I am a big fan of minimal waste and environmentally friendly products when possible.

I'm not an eco-angel, but I do my best!

I admit sometimes plastics are the lighter solution, especially when traveling, but I try to go eco where I can.

Like this vegetable-based soothing and conditioning shampoo and body wash bar by Josie's Botanicals.

Josie's Botanics Conditioning body and shampoo bar, photography courtesy of Josie's Botanics

Forget about decanting your shampoo and shower gel into those annoying little bottles the night before you fly!

Choose from Lavender Cedarwood or Lemongrass and Rosemary, all bars come in reusable aluminum tins.

Josie's Botanicals is an Irish-owned natural skincare company based in county Meath, owned and run by the inspiring Irish businesswoman and holistic therapist Barbara McAteer.

7. A small notebook and pen

At our Women's Health Yoga Retreat this May 2023 in Croatia, we'll be talking about women's health and menopause, in particular how to identify and manage symptoms, so you may want to jot down some tips and techniques.

As many of us use screens on a daily basis, old-fashioned paper and pen/pencil will be encouraged to help aid relaxation, minimize distraction and encourage serotonin production.

Nowhere near menopause? You're not off the learning hook... we'll be discussing how to live a longer and healthier life also!

8. Pack as you would for a sunshine holiday!

With a saltwater swimming pool on your doorstep and prescribed 'me time' every afternoon, you'll have plenty of time to soak up vitamin D.

So don't forget:

  • a sun hat

  • sunscreen

  • sandals/flip flops

  • beach towel

  • bikini or swimsuit

  • sunglasses

  • holiday book

  • water shoes

Water shoes are an essential bit of kit for trips to the beaches near Split, which are as famous for their beauty as they are for their pebble shores.

There are plenty of water shoes on Amazon, my sexy(!) pair in the photo above are from Decathlon

If you wish...

If you are looking for sustainably created beach towels, flip flops and carryall bags, please feel welcome to hop over to once there head to 'nat.Gift Shop' and use the code: LoveCroatia at checkout for 10% off all my sustainably created towels, bags and flip-flops.

Make sure to order 15 working days in advance as all nat. products are sustainably created made-to-order and shipped responsibly.

All nat. products are made-to-order, digitally printed, no dye baths, zero wastewater and printed with vegan inks.

Now you're all set, here's the full list :

  1. Yoga clothes & travel yoga mat

  2. Loose, comfortable clothing

  3. Reusable water bottle

  4. Travel mug

  5. Mosquito spray

  6. Travel toiletries

  7. Notebook and pen

  8. Sunshine holiday essentials

  • sun hat

  • sunscreen

  • sandals / flip flops

  • beach towel

  • bikini or swimsuit

  • sunglasses

  • holiday book

  • water shoes

MORE... travel essentials:

  • passport!

  • travel tickets / documents

  • travel (EUR) adapter

Have more questions? Check out the FAQs

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