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Sit back, relax, and enjoy being cooked for...

Updated: Apr 17

Fancy getting your dinner served to you?

At YwN Women's Health Yoga Retreat 2023 May 12th - 17th, you'll have your meals cooked for you by a professional on-site chef, trusted by Bord Bia, László Orosz.

He's serious about nourishing food...

The ladies at our September 2022 Women's Health Yoga Retreat enjoyed getting brunch and dinner cooked for them every day and you can too this May 2023.

"the food was great, lovely variety, things that I want to be able to cook at home" - Marie D. (Wexford)

Listen to Marie D. from Wexford's audio review of her experience at YwN Women's Health Yoga Retreat here

Chef Laz specializes in packing as many nutrients as possible into each dish, without ever compromising on taste.

Did you know after the last Yoga Retreat chef Laz had to hot-step it to Budapest to cook for Bord Bia 🇮🇪 promoting Irish beef and lamb?

Which reminds me... the answer is... YES!! We serve meat and fish at our Yoga Retreats (and an optional glass of wine🍷)... because we believe in balance ⚖️

That includes carbs ladies... Yes! we need them, especially after 40, when we need to keep our energy levels intact as our estrogen levels start to go up and down as they gradually decline.

We'll talk about that at our Women's Health chats after brunch, just before relaxing guided meditation (and then the whole afternoon to yourself 😉).

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