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Is the Women's Health Yoga Retreat in Croatia for you? You might be surprised to know...

Updated: Apr 2

Hi! 👋 Irish Yoga Teacher Natalie Forrester here, talking everything yoga, women's health, the stages of menopause, and of course, all about our Women's Health Yoga Retreat in Croatia this May 2023.

Who's welcome?

In short... you! Women of every age.

Regardless if you are post-menopause, peri-menopause, or in Late Reproductive Stage (usually late 30s / early 40s), you are welcome to our exclusive yoga retreats in Croatia this May 2023, choose from 4 nights or 5 nights.


How do I know if I am in Late Reproductive Stage?

Are you under 40 and noticing increased libido, a recent burst of confidence, worsening PMT, or heavy bleeds?

Maybe this burst of confidence has had you embarking on a new job, ending a difficult relationship, or training for a marathon.

In this stage oestrogen is dominant, it can also leave you feeling irritable and with high levels of anxiety without the progesterone stabilising, and keeping a balance.

Other signs are heavy levels of bleeding in the Late Reproductive Stage, your bleeds may become sporadic leaving you without energy (it is a good idea to check your iron levels). I'll tell you more about identifying and managing symptoms of Late Reproductive Stage and Peri-menopause at our Yoga Retreat this May in Croatia Read more...


Are you under 35 and experiencing peri-menopause symptoms?

1 in 100 women's ovaries will stop functioning as they should before the age of 40, this is known as Primary Ovarian Insufficiency. I have first-hand knowledge of this condition, find me on Facebook, I want you to know, you are not alone. I will share my journey with you at the Women's Health Retreats in Croatia this May


Are you post-menopausal?

If so, you are most welcome. Contrary to common belief, symptoms still occur in post-menopause. We will be discussing realistic ways of bringing more good things into your life to help relieve and reduce your symptoms.


Do you just want some 'me time' relaxing in the late summer sun, being served nutritious food?

Over everything menopause? Come, tell us how the other side feels! Listen to our Women's Health Yoga Retreaters (September 2022) testimonials here

No matter what stage you are of menopause or of life, join us... you are most welcome.

Before I go, just to remind you, the private Croatian villa can only hold a small number of guests, so please reserve your spot as soon as possible:

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